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Specialized projects contains functions developed for a specific project and are not meant for general use. Therefore, only a brief description is provided.


Dominate Non-Dominate Calculation

Use Unknown

Multi Channel Mag/Phase Reconstruction

Multi-Channel reconstruction algorithm for both magnitude and phase. Reconstructs images from multiple channels into a single image.

Integral Statistics

Calculates the probability for a given signal, noise (sigma), and phase angle.

Vessel Tracking

Old vessel tracking algorithm, based on a dynamic thresholding algorithm. Deprecated, use vascular tracking instead.

Retina Test

Use unknown

Fourier Transform to RAW data

Performs a Fourier transform to reconstruct k-space data from magnitude and phase images.

Reslice Coronal

Reslices an axial dataset to coronal orientation. Deprecated, use multi-view reformat image instead.

Reslices Sagittal

Reslices an axial dataset to sagittal orientation. Deprecated, use multi-view reformat image instead.

Plot specific points or a circle

Use unknown

Old file converters

Various programs to renumber, resort, and convert files. All file types should now be supported from File->Open, and conversions done with 'Save As...'

Find centerline and plot perpendicular distance

Use unknown, unstable crashes

Caudate Segmentation

Algorithm to segment the Caudate. Algorithm unknown.

2D Caudate Segmentation

Algorithm to segment the Caudate. Algorithm unknown.

Tensor Based Registration

Algorithm Under Progress. Registration is employed in order to determine a pixel-to-pixel mapping between images of different modalities (co-registration), or between images of the same modality (registration).

Set of Operations that can be done using the module:

  1. Shifting of 2D and 3D images in X, Y, and, Z directions by user defined values
  2. Rotation of 2D images by user defined angles
  3. Rotation of 3D images around X, Y and Z axes by user defined angles
  4. Registration of two images

Diffusion Statistics

Calculates statistics for a single ROI in 8 diffusion files and saves the results to an Excel spread sheet. By default, images are zoomed with the Fourier zoom, with a Hanning filter applied raised to the power specified ("Zoom Filter").

  1. Select all 8 diffusion files, and Excel output.
  2. Select the file to define the ROI on by pushing the "Open" button and selecting the appropriate file.
  3. Zoom the file to the same zoom factor that you selected
  4. Draw a boundary to define the ROI
  5. Select process

Save Objects as List

Saves objects as a .GTR file, this is a simplified file format to be more easily read by other programs.

Simulate Half Ring

Use unknown, unstable crashes

Save Single Echo

Saves a single echo from the open dataset as the file name specified.

Convert DTI Maps to DICOM

Converts a RAW DTI file (from DTI studio) to DICOM. DICOM header is copied from the original DICOM files used the generate the DTI maps.