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The GTR ("Ground Truth") is a binary file containing voxel coordinates for an object (3D ROI). It is a simplified version of a TOB File that is written as follows:

Number Of Type Description
1 int (4 bytes) Number of Objects
1 int (4 bytes) L1 = First object array length (# of points * 3)
L1 int (4 bytes) Object array arragned x1,y1,z1, x2,y2,z2...
1 int (4 bytes) L2 = Second object array length
L2 int (4 bytes) Second object array
... ... ...
1 int (4 bytes) Ln = Last object array length
Ln int (4 bytes) Last object array
End of File

Example Code

Some simple code to read a .GTR file

FILE *inFile;
int *objectArray;
int numberObjects;
CString openName;
//****Get openName here*****
//Open file
if ( (inFile=fopen(openName,"rb"))==NULL)   
	AfxMessageBox("Error, cannot open file \n");
//Read Header
//Loop over all objects
for(int n=0; n<numberObjects; n++)
	//Read header
	int objectArrayLength;
	//Initialize array
	objectArray = new int[objectArrayLength];
	//Read array
	//Copy array to something.....
	//***********Save Array Here******
	//Delete Array
	delete [] objectArray;
//Close file