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Algorithm Description

In this procedure, it basically performs subtraction operation between the images from 1st series and the 2nd series correspondingly. The possible constraint here is that the function subtract series demands the existence of the mentioned number of images in the two series, i.e in the above example, the value for the Tab Number of Slices is 10. By this we are explicitly making sure that there exists 10 files in both the series. Otherwise the system crashes.


Subtract Series Input

Number of Slices - If “Internal Series Subtract” was chosen, “Number of slices” means how many slices will be used to do subtraction process, which is 1 by default. Else, “Number of slices” means how many slices for each series will be used to do subtraction process, which is 1 by default.
Skip Number - If “Internal Series Subtract” was chosen, “Skip Number” is the slice number increment between two continues input images, the slice number increment for reading next slice in one series, which is 1 by default. i.e. if you only want to subtract odd number images, you should input 2.
Internal Series Subtract - if selected, “Second” will be dimmed, the subtraction procedure will be done in one series. i.e., When Internal Series Subtract is chosen, number of slices is 3, skip number is 1, starting slices number is 4, subtraction slice 4 from slice 5 to will generate first subtraction file, then slices 5,6 will generate next subtraction file.
Subtract – Run the subtract series algorithm, which need to be clicked if you want to do subtraction.

Subtract Series Output

After pushing the button “Subtract" in Input Dialogue "Subtraction in Series", a window named "Result" will pop up.You can click any item under the “filename” to preview the subtraction image, or click “Save” to save the results in the same folder as the originals images. Or click “Back” to the input dialog.