Subtract Arbitrary Images

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Algorithm Description

The function Subtract Series performs the subtraction operation for the continuous images files, i.e for example, 2-1.ima, 2-2.ima, 2-3.ima and so on, where as the function Subtract Arbitrary images can perform the subtraction operation between the images of some multiple factor given.Here the multiple factor can be different in 1st series and the 2nd series.

Subtract Arbitrary Images Input

1st and 2nd series images and also their corresponding series multiple factors.

Subtract Arbitrary Images Output

Produces the image files which are resulted after subtracting the 1st series image from the corresponding 2nd series image which have been multiplied by their corresponding multiple factors. The resultant images are in the subtract_1stseries imagenumber.ima format by default and saved in the same folder as the first series images.