Save Tracking Features

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This function woks but is still under development

Save tracking features saves shape and statistical features about the objects in the image as a *.FET file that can then be used to train or run a classifier.


The following features are calculated and saved:

  • Size
  • Relative Anisotropy calculated from the covariance matrix
  • Compactness
  • 3 Eigenvalues from the covariance matrix
  • Mean intensity
  • Standard deviation of intensity
  • Min intensity
  • Max intensity
  • Mean phase value
  • Standard deviation of phase value
  • Min phase value
  • Max phase value

    Save Features Input

    The function will prompt for the following files in this order:

    1. Save As name for the FET file
    2. File name of first phase image

    If the file name of the phase image is not provided the *.FET file will still be saved but the features relating to the phase values (mean, standard deviation, min, and max) will be missing.

    Save Features Output

    The algorithm saves a *.FET file in the location specified.