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Spin has two different types of regions of interest (ROIs), boundaries and objects. Boundaries are 2D, while objects are 3D and anchored to particular voxels. Both can be saved and loaded through the right click menu, objects can also be saved and loaded under the tracking menu.



Boundaries are 2D and tied to particular window coordinates rather than image coordinates (will stay in the same location on the window through zooming and next/previous slice operations).

Draw Boundaries

Boundaries can be drawn in a connect-the-dots fashion simply by clicking on the current image. The boundary can be edited using options on the bottom toolbar including: removing the last point, inserting or moving points, and moving the entire boundary. Boundaries can also be drawn free hand by clicking the free hand button on the bottom toolbar.

Save Boundaries

Boundaries can be saved an loaded from one image to another in *.DAT files. The save and load options are in the right click menu.

Copy Boundaries

In addition to saving and loading boundaries, they can also be copied and pasted between two open windows. This command is found in the edit menu and the right click menu. Since boundaries are tied to window coordinates if they are copied from one image to another they will only be in the same image location if the images are zoomed identically (this can be insured by copying and pasting zoom).


Objects are 3D and are tied to particular image coordinates rather than window coordinates (will stay around the same voxels through all zooming and next/previous slice operations). A list of all objects and information about them can be found in the display object information dialog.

Create Objects

Objects can be created in four ways, loading them from a TOB file, created by the vessel tracking algorithms, created in the threshold inside boundary algorithm, and created from a boundary. To create an object from a boundary simply draw a boundary then select "Add to new object" or "Add to existing object" from the right click menu. This will either create a new object or add the selected region to an existing object, respectively.

Save Objects

Objects can be saved and loaded from *.TOB files. The save and load options are in the right click menu, and in the tracking menu. If loaded onto a different set the objects will be drawn at the same (X,Y,Z) location, this can cause them to be drawn off the screen if they are loaded onto an image that is smaller. This is especially noticeable in the Z direction as many series have Z values that do not start at zero.