Pixel Division

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Algorithm Description

This function performs pixel by pixel division of two magnitude images. i.e. image A/imageB*100%

Pixel Division Input

The function takes the magnitude image and its filtered image as input.

Loop Number- means the continuous image number to be dealt with function "Pixel Division". i.e If "Loop Number" is 4, we need to make sure that there exists 4 files in both the series. Otherwise the system crashes.
Prefix-the prefix for the resultant images,which is "divided-" by default.
Original name-the suffix for the resultant images, which is the name for the 1st images of second series by defalut.
Scale factor -Which will be multiplied to the resultant images.

Pixel Division Output

Produces the image files which are resulted after dividing the 1st series image with 2nd series image . The resultant images are in the prefix_original name.ima format for the first image. i.e., if the "Original name" is "s-1", "Loop Number" is 4, "Prefix" is "divided_", then the resultant images are in the format "divided_s-1.ima","divided_s-2.ima","divided_s-3.ima","divided_s-4.ima" respectively.