Multiple Magnitude Average

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Algorithm Description

Calculates the average of 2 or more images and takes the magnitude image as input.

Multiple Magnitude Average Input

Result file Prefix-give the prefix for the name of result images to be convenient for finding the result images.
How many average you want? - The number of images you want to do an average. When you set it to be 2, there’ll be two series to do average.
How many images in each series?-The number of images in each series you want to do average. When you set it to be 8, there’ll be 8 images from each series to be take continuously to do average.
Take “How many average you want” to be 2, “How many images in each series” to be 8 for example, the starting file for one series is 7-1.image, the starting for another series is 9-1, so there’ll be 8 resulted images stored in the folder you specialized.

Multiple Magnitude Average Output

Produces the magnitude average result files.