Double Echo Complex Division

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Algorithm Description

It performs the subtraction operation between two echo image series to get the phase difference.

Double Echo Complex Division Input

The function takes two images series (both Magnitude and phases images) as input and gets the phase difference between the two echo images by performing the Subtract operation. It also takes the parameter called Number of Slice which basically holds the value of the number of images considered. Accordingly the function Double Echo Complex Division results in the same number of images.

Number of Slices - “Number of slices” means how many slices for each series will be used to do Double Echo Complex Division, which isn't less one.
Process Entire Series - all images in two series will automatically do function double echo complex division.
Echo Time - You can enter it manually or get it automatically by clicking "Get in Header".
Scale Magnitude by- Scale factor for magnitude image.
Scale Phase by-Scale factor for phase image.

Double Echo Complex Division Output

The function produce magnitude and phase images simultaneously. If you define the file name as "div", the resultant images will be in div-imagenumber.dcm and phase-div-imagenumber.ima format by default for magnitude and phase images respectively, and be stored in the same folder as the phase images of the given 2nd series.