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Displays information about objects (3D ROIs) and allows them to be filtered, found on the image, and removed.

Right Click Options

Find Object - Moves image to slice through the center (mean Z value) of the selected object.

Find Object and Hide Others - Finds object (see above) and hides all other objects so they are not drawn.

Set/Clear True Object - Sets the class of an object to 1 (or to 0 if it is already 1), used for setting up ground truth data for the classifier training.

Reset Class Labels - Resets all class labels to zero.

Hide Objects When Clicked

Enables an option so when objects are clicked on the image they are hidden (unchecked in this dialog).

Draw Style

Sets the draw style for the selected objects. Objects can be drawn as solid (a filled boundary) or as just a boundary surrounding the ROI.


The size and shape filter can be used to hide objects below a certain size, or with a Product value above or below a certain value, respectively.

Shape Filter

The shape filter will hide objects with a product value above that selected (if Remove Vessels is selected) or below that selected (if Keep Vessels is selected). The product value is a combination of the RA value and compactness where Product = (1-RA)*(Compactness)^2.5

Size Filter

The size filter will hide all objects below the selected size.

Keep Selected

Keep selected closes the dialog and deletes all objects that were not selected and keeps those that were selected.

Show on MIP

Show on MIP prompts to open a file, then projects all objects onto a single slice and displays them on the image that the user selected.

Excel Export

Exports object information to an excel spread sheet.


Not functional